A Family Law and Estate Planning Firm

 Mission Statement

SrivasLaw is a boutique law firm which exclusively specializes in family law matters relating to divorce,
child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, property division, and domestic violence
restraining orders. At SrivasLaw, our mission is to help our clients through the emotional and
complicated process of divorce and custody while keeping in mind the cultural impact divorce can have
on our clients. While many firms may have 
family law as one of their practice areas, at SrivasLaw, family
law is our only practice area. This means that our firm is committed to handling family law matters where
family comes first.


SrivasLaw handles cases from the filing of the Petition or Response to case settlement or trial. SrivasLaw
also handles limited scope family law matters. Limited scope means that you can hire our firm to handle
only specific tasks, such as reviewing Judicial Council Forms and other court specific documents that
need to be filed with the court, drafting a motion for an upcoming hearing, responding to pleadings,
filing ex parte motions, making a special appearance on your behalf at court, and much more!


Areas of Specialty

Divorce, Legal Seperation, Annulment



Divorce, Legal Separation,


Property Division



Property Division

Child Custody and Visitation



Child custody and Visitation 

Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence



Restraining Orders

"Ms. Srivastava has emphathy for her clients and can help with legal knowledge as well as emotionally, which is extremely important for clients who go through separation and divorce." Ramesh B.
"Archana Srivastava's expertise, knowledge, and understanding of the law helped with my divorce case a great deal." A.R.


Address (NEW Location)

4695 Chabot Drive, Suite 200

Pleasanton, CA 94588




**SrivasLaw can make arrangements to offer translation services for Punjabi, Tamil, and Hindi for your consultation, so please indicate if you need a translator.